Beyond Fashion – National Gallery – 30/09/2018 – 15/01/2019

ngj-beyondfashion-emailer-invite-ver3 We are happy and honored to be part of this exhibition at the National Gallery in Kingston (Jamaica).

With the works of Marvin Bartley, Kereina Chang-Fatt, The Girl and The Magpie, Jessica Ogden, Ebony G. Patterson, Alfredo Piola, Ayana Rivière, Peter Dean Rickards, Jasmine Thomas-Girvan, Phillip Thomas, Yasmin Spiro, Seymour Lewis and Cosmo Whyte.

Beyond Fashion examines the works of artists who have incorporated elements of fashion and it’s creation into their practice. It explores the capacity for fashion themed art making to delve into topics of the personal and the political, as well as providing a vehicle for experimentation and expression that goes beyond everyday fashion. Beyond Fashion includes the works of artists that have experience in fashion design, fashion photography and jewellery making.

IMG_0022 lThe Girl and the Magpie presents 2 sets of works: previously unshown pieces from the Hair Project and 5 news pieces from the Fragile Collection.
The first set of work, the Hair Project, questions what hair has to say about our societies, gender conceptions, culture, politics, religion.
The second set draws attention to the beauty and fragility of nature, and to the urgency to protect it, through everyday action.

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New Collection: Jamaican Landscape

First pieces fresh out of the oven …

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Hair Project at the Jamaica Biennial 2017

More about the Hair Project on the blog:

The Jamaica Biennial is more than 160 works by 90 artists, in 3 locations (National Gallery and Devon House in Kingston – National Gallery West in Montego Bay). More about the Jamaica Biennial: on the National Gallery blog 


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Hairproject: the Blog, now online



A blog dedicated to the Hair Project, with all the stories collected about hair (in EN) and the documents (books, art work, info, references, web links,…) collected around the same theme of hair during the process of creation of the Hair Jewels.

Documents and stories are tagged according to topic (sociology, economy, religion, gender, politics, history, culture, gender, symbolism,… ), kind of documents (films, documentaries, books, music, other artistic works using hair), kind of hairstyle (dreadlocks, blond, black hair, short,…. ) and geographic area (including community).

The Hair Project consists of 3 interacting parts: the pieces of wearable jewellery  including hair, the stories and the blog

You can still participate in writing us your Hair Story or sharing any info or document about this topic, on the blog or here


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A book for a overview of the Magpie’s work!

A big and special thanks to Anne d’Huart for the realisation of this book and for a series of pictures included in it. A super collaboration, again!

Click on the book to browse it!

Anne d’Huart is photographer, check her work here:

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KOTE 2016 – Hair Project – Work in progress

All about the project here (click)

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Even Grace Jones wears Magpie’s jewellery

And she seems to love it…

Le petit journal (Canal+) 17/03/2016 et Libération  28/03/2016

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Shells: new line in the Fragile Jamaica Collection

Shells from Treasure Beach and Brass: necklace, earrings, rings, cufflinks.

For all the collection: look here

 Cliquez sur l’image pour l’agrandir et voir les infos | Click to see full picture and technical details
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Lignum Vitae: new line in the Fragile Jamaica Collection

To see the complete collection, check here.

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Curated Christmas Pop Up Shop | 12-13 DEC | Treasure Beach (JM)

The Girl and the Magpie and Antz-Man Selecta organise this… Follow the event here (clic!) and discover each day the presentation of another artist who is part of La Boutique! 

La Boutique

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