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Let’s change the way to think, speak, make “economy” … THANKS a bunch to Story and Myth and to “All about the culture” for supporting another kind of economy, highlighting 6 small creative business in Jamaica, all run by women! We can just agree with Kristie Stephenson (Story and Myth): Lire la suite…

Residency 2020

This spring/summer 2020, we were planning to a do a mobile residency on the European roads.But, the virus came … So, we transformed our confinement into a (stationary) residency in the gardenHere a part of our process (April 2020), classified by project. A diary is visible on Instagram in the Lire la suite…

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Upcycled Colibri White Flowers, necklace, 2020

Website Updated

Coronavirus stuck you at home? We just updated our website to keep you busy! 😉 Last Page updated click to Visit…. By Collection: Fragile Jamaica Leave Papyrus Colibri: Upcycled By Type: Ring Earrings Necklace HeadPiece

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BOOK II: 2016-2019

Our second book featuring the Magpie’s work from 2016 to 2019 is out and you can browse it online! Just click here on the cover: Layout and post production of the pictures by Anne d’Huart And the first book (2008-2016) is still visible here: (click on the cover!)

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