Colibri is a transparent plastic collection, light and aerial, with forms oscillating between botanical and underwater worlds. Made from recycled plastic bottle, this collection draws attention to the need to reduce and recycle our plastic waste… look here for the effect on the Ocean, also all around Jamaica.

Jamaica Biennial 2014 : Love is not enough 2#

LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH collaborative performanceNATIONAL GALLERY – JAMAICA BIENNIAL 2014Su. 14th Dec 2014 – during official opening, around 2pm With HANS DE MAN (sound), NEILA EBANKS, KIM-LEE CAMPBELL, PAUL NEWMAN, TRISTAN RODNEY, KAYON WRAY (dance)  and THE GIRL AND THE MAGPIE (jewelry) The idea ? Nature takes years to grow trees, build fertile soil, develop reefs, etc … humans only need minutes Lire la suite…