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A custom order…. how does it work?

You can contact me online or in person and we talk about what you like and what you expect. I will send you some pictures showing the work in process (unless you like surprises), you comment and I will adapt  the design when necessary. Once the piece is finished, I can send it out by mail or you can come and collect it yourself.

Click on the images below to read the story behind each piece.

4 réponses à order | commande

  1. Yanique Franklin dit :

    Hi, where in Kingston can I buy your pieces and what is your price range?

    • v dit :

      Hello Yanique,
      Sorry for the delay! you can find my work at the National Gallery Gift Shop. My price range are between 5US (copper things, available at My Jamaica, Liguanae) to 200US (necklace), mostly around 50-80US. My pieces are unique or really small series (3 to 5 exemplar), except for the copper collection.
      Have a sweet day,

  2. J. S. dit :

    How may I contact you directly to place a custom order? What email address may I use?

    • v dit :

      Hello Jackie, I just send you a e-mail. If by any malchance you don’t get it, you will find my contact via on the website (look For contact in the Menu)
      Have a sweet evening,

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