In Jamaica: a special thanks to Jackie Cohen (Mutamba),  to Di-Andre Caprice Davis, Emperor Sumo, Udemba Mc Lean (Socially Deformed Media) for documenting my work here and there, to all the models that have posed for me (Sidi Genus, Di-Andre Caprice Davis, Jae Sterling, Nickii Kane, Tamo Ennis)  to the dance company « eNKompan.E » and  all the dancers participating to the performances

In Burkina Faso: to Soum Bonkougou, to Paul Saint and to Yamba Bonkougou for teaching me all what I know about lost wax technique (and maybe especially for all the rest).

In Belgium:  a special thanks to Anne d’Huart (for the pictures and the book and even more to bring me where I am)