• in the frame of KINGSTON ON THE EDGE (Urban Art Festival)
  • PERFORMANCE : “Love is not enough”
  • RedBones Cafe (1 Argyle Rd Kgn 10) June 20 2014 – Opening Night from 8.00pm

“Love is not enough”

A collaborative dance performance putting nature’s fragility into the spotlight, expressing the necessity to treat nature with respect and to take care of her … Love for Jamaica’s beauty is not enough: actions are needed. Nature takes years to grow trees, build fertile soil, develop reefs, etc … humans only need minutes to destroy all this. And there is no « Undo » when it comes to the environment.

The Girl and the Magpie proposed this vision to Hans De Man and Neila Ebanks. Both of them developed a personal interpretation, Hans using sound, and Neila using dance as medium and wearing a necklace specially made for the performance. Dancers Kayon Wray, Paul Newman, Kim-Lee Campbell, and Tristan Rodney join the performance, wearing necklaces from the « Fragile Jamaica » collection. The performance invites the audience to reflect on the beauty of Jamaica’s nature, on the fragility of Jamaica’s ecological balance, and on possible ways to transform thought into action. On all levels actions are needed to encourage nature’s preservation: from daily gestures, over community projects, to political decisions.

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Some initiatives where you can get information about Environment in Jamaica, where you can help out and you can support (click):
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