A project by Ch.velle Wilson

Far more than just a fashion photoshoot …

Thanks so much to invite me to be part of it!

#sisterhood #slowfashion #collaboration #Jamaica


* Fashion designer & Stylist: Ch’velle (@ch.velle)
* Creative Direction: Ch’velle & Ornella Taylor (@nellynelltaylor)
* Photographer: Ornella Taylor (@nellynelltaylor)
* Models: Leonie Campbell (@prinny_loo), Rachel Seaton (@rachel_elisabeth__), Kalila Martin (@kalilamartin_)
* Jewellery: The Girl & The Magpie (@girl_magpie)
* Hats: #Bingy@goatcurrygallery
* Assistant photographer: Lamar (@raelemmanuel)
* MUA: Leonie Campbell
* Set Design: Ch’velle
* Set Construction: Icah Wilmot & Andrew
Special thanks to @jamnesiasurf for accommodating us.