Let’s change the way to think, speak, make “economy” …

THANKS a bunch to Story and Myth and to “All about the culture” for supporting another kind of economy, highlighting 6 small creative business in Jamaica, all run by women!
We can just agree with Kristie Stephenson (Story and Myth):

“For the world to stop spinning its wheels of war, racism, hunger, poverty, environmental degradation and a multitude of other systemic issues, we must step into a collective new norm of business as a force for good.

You will find the article about us at the bottom …

Check and support these conscious creative bussiness:

Freer Essence – “As a filmmaker, Ania interviews rural Jamaicans in a respectful way – not condescending or patronizing. People from certain demographics here lack respect for people from other segments of the island. There is no voice or platform for those people. I’m happy Ania created that, and I support her new body oil line and anything she does.” 

Marina Burnel Photography – “The money Marina is raising for her Pickcha Mi Yaad photo project since the pandemic goes to Maxfield Park Children’s Home.” 

ASD – “Ayanna teaches and shares her knowledge with young women. She also includes diversity in her art and fashion work, which I think is so lacking in Jamaica. Traditionally, white or lighter skinned models are used, which lacks representation. She includes all sizes and colors of people. Her work isn’t fast fashion – it’s work that someone took time to do.” 

DAE Collection – “Debra is using leftover leather pieces to make her sandals line, and gives back to Eve for Life – an organization that helps girls who have been raped and are now living with HIV. Her business is new, but I like her mission and her devotion to giving back.” 

Hmgrwn and Co. – “Danielle takes things that we are so familiar with and finds a way to use them in her natural beauty products. For instance, sorrel which is a staple in Jamaica… Who would have thought to make that into a beauty product. 

The Girl and the Magpie – “Veronique creates beautiful jewelry with things she finds in her environment, which I find inspiring. She’s an artist and her pieces are very poetic.” 

PS: « environmental activist » is definitively too larger cloth for my practice (cfr the article)

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