The Girl and the Magpie turns 10 years this year …
To Celebrate, here is FIRE, the last pieces of our 4 elements series

When you make jewellery, the fire is your best friend and your worst ennemy … my element.

10 years that the brand exist – a bit less since the Magpie landed in Jamaica.

Thanks so much to all of you who are part of it – YOU made The Girl and the Magpie exist indeed!
By wearing our jewellery, sharing posts and contacts, recommending me to your besties, retailing the jewellery in your boutique, passing by to share your Magpie’s jewellery stories (we love that!), supporting what I do in all the ways you did, YOU give me the possibility to live the life I love, in my small studio, in the Jamaican countryside.

A big, warm, deep and special thanks to each of YOU for all this support. You are definitively the MagpieS with the Girl …

Click on the pictures below to see the full series !
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