This FIRST NEW COLLECTION 2021-2022 is inspired by M A T I S S E and more precisely by his last period of work (1943-’54): the one he began when being invalid and condemned by doctors because of a cancer. And that’s the time he chose to do his most joyful work, developing a new technique (at the age of 70!) that he can apply from his wheelchair or his bed: the Cut-Outs (les Papiers Découpés).

I have been looking for some time for different ways to create volumetric forms from a simple sheet of metal, by mainly cutting and folding. Having this submarine shape vocabulary in a corner of my mind and playing with this idea, a « seaweed » shape that I was familiar with was appearing again and again. Sending me back to Matisse, one of my artistic loves.

And I guess it is the right moment for it: if he was able of this incredible new work at 70 years old, at the end of the second war, when doctors gave him few months to live, i guess the Matisse Collection is the perfect one for now.

You want to know more about this period of his work? CLICK HERE
(picture from Matisse in 1952 / from MOMA website)